Conversation 002

What fascinates you?  What fascinates me is love. True love, the lack of love, the need for love. All of it. How it varies from person to person, how it can linger forever or evaporate in an instant. How some unexplainable subconscious emotion ultimately determines your life and the life of everyone around you. How … More Conversation 002

gorgeous intro.

*Note from the editor Still working on some interviews, got a guest post soon, and another music post. This was one of my first unfinished drafts of chapter one that I wrote last summer. Pretty shitty, but that’s what first drafts are for! Be back soon.  Damn, I love the taste of highballs.     … More gorgeous intro.

Asians and American Media with Michael Tow

While the popular Mannequin Challenge usually requires people to stay silent and stoic, actor Michael Tow’s take on it asks Asian-Americans to speak up. Capturing everything from Chris Rock’s blatantly racist skit at the Oscars involving asian children to Jesse Watters mocking interviews with residents of Chinatown regarding the election, the “A-Woke” Mannequin Challenge shows that ignorance is still very … More Asians and American Media with Michael Tow