Fascination Presents! Peter Sudarso

Source: Peter’s Tumblr

The first of many Fascination Presents! We proudly introduce Peter Adrian Sudarso, actor, model, fashion blogger, and new blue Power Ranger.

Born in Indonesia, Peter and his older brother Yoshi Sudarso (YES THE OTHER BLUE RANGER) moved to L.A. in 1999. In 2010, Peter began his fashion journey on LookBook, a community site where pro and amateur fashion enthusiasts showcase their outfits, or looks. Shortly after, he and his brother started The Hobbyistsa fashion blog where the siblings posted their eclectic, laid back outfits with occasional collaborations with brands such as PacSun and Black Lapel.


Peter, Yoshi, and their friends eventually created Apartment 210, a YouTube channel where the group film comedy skits, challenges, vlogs, and Q and As. The two have frequently collaborated with other YouTubers such as JustKiddingFilms, DavidSoComedy, and LeendaDProductions. In 2015, Yoshi was cast as Koda, the blue ranger, in Power Rangers Dino Charge. One year later, Peter is now also cast as the blue ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel! 

What fascinates you?
Everything really. I’m the type of person that gets sidetracked easily, really easily, but at the same time, I feel as though it’s a good thing. It makes the whole world a lot more enjoyable and magical when you take the time to get interested in it.

In your LookBook interview from 2012, you hoped that by 2017 that you’d “be working as an actor while illustrating comics and storyboards on the side as well as character designing. Designing houses on the weekends, married and living in my own house.” How much of that is true now? Are you happy with how things turned out?
Hahaha, wow I had big aspirations. Well currently I’m blessed enough to be working/acting on Power Rangers, so I guess that goal worked out. I’m not exactly designing houses anymore, but I do still illustrate comics and character designs! I’m really happy with how my life turned out though, it’s truly a blessing to be able to live chasing my dreams 🙂

Now that both you and Yoshi are getting major roles in television as Power Rangers, do you ever feel a twinge of sadness that you both aren’t working on The Hobbyists anymore? Especially since you got into acting after Yoshi.
Not sad at all. Both Yoshi and I are just that, Hobbyists, and The Hobbyists (our blog) was just another one of the hobbies we enjoyed doing, then eventually moved on from. I think it’s nice to have different phases of life, and different things to do during those times. Our blog took us to where we are now, and we’re really just grateful for that.

As someone who wasn’t born in the United States, did you find any difficulties in fitting in during the first few years here?
Of course, just as much as anyone that doesn’t speak fluent english does. People, especially in America, don’t really think highly of people who they can’t communicate with, so we did run into some problems with the everyday bullying/teasing in our early years.

As an Asian-American model and actor, would you say that there is a higher difficulty in getting major roles in media today? How do you think we should fix things if at all?
Hmm, I just feel as though, leading/strong asian male specific roles aren’t readily available. So when we audition for major roles, they’re usually open ethnicity (which means any race can apply), which make it quite difficult to get those major roles. The problem is a hard one to fix. In order to get better roles for Asian-Ams you’d need writers who would write those roles, and in order for writers to write those roles, the audience must want those roles, but in order for the audience to warm up to Asian-Ams in lead roles, they must see Asian-Ams in such roles. So they whole thing is quite difficult. As a content creator as well, I try to write shorts/skits where Asians can be portrayed as more than just the usual geek/ninja haha.

How do your parents feel about your career choices? Were their initial reactions different than they are now?
Originally, not happy. They were quite traditional with how they wanted us to be. But after a while, they warmed up to the idea, and are now our biggest supporter 🙂

Do you have any advice for aspiring Asian American actors and models?
Don’t stop, keep dreaming and pushing forward. One day your hard work will pay off. Don’t discriminate within each other and get jealous, but instead lift each other up and be happy for each other’s success.

What is your fondest memory? What is your wildest memory?
I have plenty of fond memories, so it’s hard to put my finger on one. If I HAD to, it’d probably be the road trip I had with Bethany after the third time I found out I didn’t get the Power Ranger role. As for wildest memory, it doesn’t get any wilder for me than the time I spent on wipeout and seeing my brother break his leg in front of me and still winning the show.

Now I know on top of being huge fashion bloggers, you and your brother are crazy cosplay geeks. What are your favorite animes?
For me, Naruto for sure. I can do like…15 different jutsus.


With your busy schedules, are there any long term goals for Apartment 210? Or just a go with the flow type of deal?
We want to eventually become a production company and make small mini-web series and other film projects! But for now, just go with the flow 🙂

What are your three top favorite articles of clothing that you own right now?
My denim jacket with sherpa collar, denim jacket with corduroy collar, and overworked/stressed denim jacket…I have a problem. hahaha

What has training been like for Power Rangers? Anything you didn’t expect?
The physical/stunt training was insane. 2 weeks of stretching/kicks/falls that wore me out in the best way possible. I went from not being able to touch my toes, to being able to kiss my knees.

Are there any final words you want to say to the readers?
Idk, I’m not the most profound person in the world, I guess, love yourself? Yeah, that’s a good one, love and appreciate yourself.



Instagram: petersadrian
Tumblr: petersadrian.tumblr.com
Blog: The Hobbyists
YouTube: Apartment 210

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