Asians and American Media with Michael Tow

While the popular Mannequin Challenge usually requires people to stay silent and stoic, actor Michael Tow’s take on it asks Asian-Americans to speak up. Capturing everything from Chris Rock’s blatantly racist skit at the Oscars involving asian children to Jesse Watters mocking interviews with residents of Chinatown regarding the election, the “A-Woke” Mannequin Challenge shows that ignorance is still very … More Asians and American Media with Michael Tow

Fascination Presents! Peter Sudarso

The first of many Fascination Presents! We proudly introduce Peter Adrian Sudarso, actor, model, fashion blogger, and new blue Power Ranger. Born in Indonesia, Peter and his older brother Yoshi Sudarso (YES THE OTHER BLUE RANGER) moved to L.A. in 1999. In 2010, Peter began his fashion journey on LookBook, a community site where pro and amateur fashion … More Fascination Presents! Peter Sudarso