What it is.

A group of friends, anonymous. Spitting bars from imaginary raps and reciting amateur poetry. Every day. About anything and everything in life. Spontaneous and in the moment. Sometimes serious. Sometimes silly. But always real and exactly how it’s meant to be.

What it is not.

An obligation. Planned or analyzed. Have some deep meaning.

Brought to you by glenn, jeans, vine, squirm, moist, goat, and sun.

Inspired by The Haiku Year

day 1: 11/22/2016

falling asleep and
falling in love
with you

day 2: 11/23/2016

My snapchat thermometer is reading 38
12:17 and my bus is half an hour late
Sitting listening to Tha Carter 3
thinking Ima knock my bus driver’s teeth out
if he tells me he’s Sorry 4 The Wait

day 3: 11/24/2016

all these people here keep telling me
stay woke
but the only thing that keep me up at night
is wondering if you’re awake

day 4: 11/25/2016

I am hungry on Thanksgiving
But I am full
Like a saturated garden
That has yet bloom

day 5: 11/26/2016

hate’s a strong word. i hate you.

day 6: 11/27/2016

Me studying chemistry
is just me sifting through hundreds of people’s life work
and calling it boring.

day 7: 11/28/2016

past 2:00 nights
last two nights
too many times
not enough time
all for
some superficial life

day 8: 11/29/2016

what good is west coast weather if you’re bipolar?
Frank’s verse been on my mind too often

 day 9: 11/30/2016

I’m always thinking about you when my birthday comes around
Maybe because it rains every year
Or maybe because of the way it sounds
I can’t help but wonder how you’re doing now
While I’m stuck in traffic
And wondering how
So thank you for another shitty year

day 10: 12/1/2016

Kodak Black pulled a reverse Gucci Mane
and I’m really fucking happy.

day 11: 12/2/2016

Pregame before I run game
Hate smoking but Ima take the blunt anyway

day 12: 12/3/2016

saw a guy in combat boots, olive joggers, and tan sweater
can’t tell if stylish
or actually in the army

day 13: 12/4/2016

i forgot a day
my bad
i have a life outside the blog
i’m lying

day 14: 12/5/2016

Blank face, coffee breaks
Pain is just temporary
It’s Finals Season

day 15: 12/6/2016

rainy days and clouds
have never been more enjoyable

day 16: 12/7/2016

Im high and I hate it
But the twinkle in my own eye got me illuminated

day 17: 12/8/2016

i’m really scared
i can’t imagine myself happy without you

day 18: 12/9/2016

i’m not there or here
but both places have special people

day 19: 12/10/2016

honestly fuck moist for always calling me out on my shit
he’s shit his pants four times

day 20: 12/11/2016

i haven’t drank in so long
i fucking hate alcohol but i fucking love the feeling
i need a drink

day 21: 12/12/2016 

the bane of my existence

day 22: 12/13/2016 

luna! white fur!
live direct on screen!
with dirty toe beans!

 day 23: 12/14/2016

nothing was written on this day. lazy.

day 24: 12/15/2016

when the fuck are they gonna take down negan?
and i’m sick of carol’s pussy ass

day 25: 12/16/2016

Lately I’ve been thinking
About how everything is sinking
And no amount of smoking and drinking
Can change the fact that my moments are shrinking

day 26: 12/17/2016


day 27: 12/18/2016

naruto soundtrack running
we’re against 5 pink balls
failure. every. round.

day 28: 12/19/2016

parking lots on winter nights
an hour passes by

day 29: 12/20/2016

j. cole is not a god

day 30: 12/21/2016

father is a black bruce wayne
only shortie in pre school rocking 2 chains
rick owens and helmut lang

day 31: 12/22/2016

I’ve been on this bus for 15 hours
My mouth tastes gross and my tongue is sour
My phone is dead and I’m hella bored
I’m pretty sure everyone has heard me snore

day 32: 12/23/2016

skrrt pull out the driveway with that benz
parties every night, day never ends
plastic luxury we barbie and ken
always fuckin lit don’t ask me when

day 33: 12/24/2016

tony is the slowest typer in the world
suck it tony cause u have to post this

this is not true, challenge me
and i’ll destroy your whole career

day 34: 12/25/2016

never end the night with thoughts that console me
I used to be happy, but that was the old me
Even though I’m not same as when I was a child
Tonight’s the best I’ve felt in awhile
Neither a lover
Nor a fighter
But a thinker
Two for one. Merry Christmas.

day 35: 12/26/2016

yellow’s obnoxious
except on starbursts
they’re controversial

day 36: 12/27/2016

I love my family but
It’s like a tornado flew around
Excuse the mess they made
It usually doesn’t seem-
I really need to clean

day 37: 12/28/2016

gus from the get down reminds me so much
of my father it’s overwhelmingly scary

day 38: 12/29/2016

we got new characters

day 39: 12/30/2016

is there even a difference

day 40: 12/31/2016

a city of stars
found in the back of a rav4
home depot has never felt better

day 41: 1/1/2017

Don’t convince yourself that
You can’t live
Without someone
Because they convince you that
You can’t
Find someone better than them

day 42: 1/2/2017

i hate the rain
i literally almost died today

day 43: 1/3/2017

I don’t root myself in reality
because I can deceive myself with something
far more pleasant

day 44: 1/4/2017

owning pets is sorta like stockholm syndrome

day 45: 1/5/2017

at what age do normal jokes become dad jokes?

day 46: 1/6/2017

she lookin like she could be my kind

day 47: 1/7/2017

im not mentally prepared
for school, 2017, snow, change, life

day 48: 1/8/2017

when night comes
i’d imagine there are more wet clothing
than people admit

day 49: 1/9/2017

Instagram unfollowing spree
I don’t fuck with you if you don’t fuck with me

day 50: 1/10/2017

i need to stop slackin on these
but the days go by so quick

day 51: 1/11/2017

one down, six to go
brian you are a pussy

day 52: 1/12/2017

what ever happened to good cartoon network shows?

day 53: 1/13/2017

i only like playin 8ball with my friends
fuck this noise

day 54: 1/14/2017

it feels so nice out like spring on a warm January day

day 55: 1/15/2017

it only takes a month

day 56: 1/16/2017

300 in my pocket
college textbooks
0 in my pocket

day 57: 1/17/2017

Only three more days until orange becomes the new black

day 58: 1/18/2017

Come to America; opportunities are out there!
Your American Dream, is my living nightmare.
For in the State
Where equality is as real
As the “dream” it is built upon
The Separation of Powers
Is a bold black and white
And the grey in-between
Is ignored
By those that choose to not see

day 59: 1/19/2017

kinda funny how dailyworks
gets me out my daily work

day 60: 1/20/2017

It takes 14 days to break a habit
but it’s been 515 days.
I’m still not free.

day 61: 1/21/2017

so why the fuck do people censor the middle finger? everyone already knows what a finger looks like so what even is the point? and it’s ONLY when the finger is up, but when the finger goes down, it’s uncensored and everyone knows what the finger looks like now

day 62: 1/22/2017

a love story is much like a page
with short lines. striking! bold! immediate.
sometimes longer, sweeter passages that flow from syllable to syllable
but there are many pauses.
commas, periods. turns, stops.
empty white space along the margins
but it concludes at the bottom
i fear the ellipsis

day 63: 1/23/2017

there’s something about nights and cold days.
everything reminds me of you

day 64: 1/24/2017

You said you guys are just friends
But how many more secret messages until you’re more than that
You said she was your first love
But how many more secret messages until she’s your last again

day 65: 1/25/2017

my dad is such a nice guy
I have nightmares about him on his bday

day 66: 1/26/2017

it’s been a whole year
my feet still hurt from the heels
my legs hurt from the dance
my smile still burn from the feels
someone died that night
i’m glad it wasn’t you
but it was me

day 67: 1/27/2017

i don’t like red hats anymore

day 68: 1/28/2017

Art can be quite hard
especially a haiku
fuck a haiku

day 69: 1/29/2017

how we gon last forever
if you can’t last a day?

day 70: 1/30/2017

I’ve had streak 3 days in a row
I wonder how long left until I die of heart disease

day 71: 1/31/2017

all i can think is collarbones

day 72: 2/1/2017

Oppression, triumph
They Know that we built this world
Black History Month

day 73: 2/2/2017

eighth of the way through
don’t think i can make it

day 74: 2/3/2017

i can’t tell if i have adhd or i’m lazy
i think it could be both
what a terrible combination
chicken and waffle isn’t that great of a combination either
everyone always hypes it up but it tastes exactly like what you think it would taste like

day 75: 2/4/2017

yknow when you tell yourself you will be up in the morning,
walking to the library,
and studying there all day in isolation
but then you can’t get your ass off the bed in the first place? sigh

day 76: 2/5/2017

i’m supposed to be praising God but my mind is somewhere else

day 77: 2/6/2017

boys are so stupid sometimes.
makes me question why we need them in our lives
besides to be dicked down and then inconvenienced

day 78: 2/7/2017

dude i’m so high i’m too focused on not flying away
to make grounded poetry

day 79: 2/8/2017

the falcons blew a 3-1 lead

day 80: 2/9/2017

20 dollars really do make a difference
faith in people
raised a bit higher

day 81: 2/10/2017

she only drinks labelled water
and designer ice
with a lemon garnish

day 82: 2/11/2017

they lied so many times
they forgot the truth
and even if they didn’t
they’d still lie to themselves too

day 83: 2/12/2017

i wonder how many valentines day gifts
are planned but never bought

day 84: 2/13/2017

midterms are hell
the rest of college is purgatory

day 85: 2/14/2017

i just gotta make a button

day 86: 2/15/2017

We’re starting our comic this week tho so i’m pretty excited

day 87: 2/16/2017


day 88: 2/17/2017

i miss my plain vanilla sex

day 89: 2/18/2017

i’m not your fuckin uber

day 90: 2/19/2017

I introduce myself as an optimist
The moon hides my frown
And spills my tears
The sun shines my smile
And dries my face
I tell you I am happy
I tell myself I am happy
Is my day half-full
Or should I introduce myself as a liar

day 91: 2/20/2017

I can’t decide who I lie to more. My mom or myself.

day 92: 2/21/2017

Sometimes when life hands you a soccer player, you learn how to score

day 93: 2/22/2017


day 94: 2/23/2017

layin we still a link apart

day 95: 2/24/2017

it’s such a nice day outside today and im trapped inside with school work that only snowballs into more and more work until i die

day 96: 2/25/2017

behind my old mind
Is a memory still fresh
and I now remember

day 97: 2/26/2017

I have a late night lover
I visit when I crave filth
She always wants me
I hate her, but at times I need her
Damn you Vending Machine.

day 98: 2/27/2017

Out with the old in with the new goodbye skies of grey hello skies of blue

day 99: 2/28/2017

putter butter cup cereal, thin pizza, Starbucks, last minute lunch, poorly cooked rice, disgusting mysterious meat

day 100: 3/1/2017

a centennial thank you
to everyone a part of DailyWorks

day 101: 3/2/2017

the more I watch One Piece
The more I want to be a pirate

day 102: 3/3/2017

the more I watch crime shows
The more I want to be a con woman

day 103: 3/4/2017

What was the point in giving me the world, if you weren’t going to be in it

day 104: 3/5/2017

Moderation is key. Except when you have too much moderation

day 105: 3/6/2017

the best method for gambling is to just bluff all in when you have nothing

day 106: 3/7/2017

you don’t look at me the same

day 107: 3/8/2017

pregnancy is in the air!!! im going to suffocate fuck that shit

day 108: 3/9/2017

you know what i hate? smoker’s breath

day 109: 3/10/2017

pottery barn? more like thottery barn

day 110: 3/11/2017

What do I have in common with Captain America and Avatar Aang? We’ve all been chillin for a while

day 111: 3/12/2017

How am I sick on the first day back?

day 112: 3/13/2017

11 days have passed and dailywork still hasn’t been updated. I need my fix.

day 113: 3/14/2017

shut up bitch im workin on it

day 114: 3/15/2017

bearface needa drop an album
i’m tired of listening to home on repeat

day 115: 3/16/2017

just one day i wanna be a bueller

day 116: 3/17/2017

We’re going to pet smart
To get a Venus fly trap
we’re starting a plant family
maybe this will be a start

day 117: 3/18/2017

depressing poems
don’t help when your life is but
a pathetic joke

day 118: 3/19/2017

proud of myself!

day 119: 3/20/2017

Everybody got a plan till they get punched in the mouth ~Mike Tyson

day 120: 3/21/2017

why does the easter bunny

day 121: 3/22/2017

You gotta google the shit I lived through

day 122: 3/23/2017

I love candy from my childhood
That I haven’t eaten in a long time
Because as soon as I take that first bite back
The flavors taste sweeter than ever

day 123: 3/24/2017 

remembering meetings is not my forte

day 124: 3/25/2017

I’m eating chocolate eggs
they look like yoshi eggs

day 125: 3/26/2017

if you’re paying more than five dollars
for any bite size anything
you’re wrong

day 126: 3/27/2017

i miss my rabbit

day 127: 3/28/2017

I realized I only have three friends
and that’s okay

day 128: 3/29/2017

people are too quick to hate on art these days
anything that isn’t black and white
is pretentious

day 129: 3/30/2017

all jokes are fine until you’re offended

day 130: 3/31/2017

Art don’t gotta be grammatically correct

day 131: 4/1/2017

I’m flying to where it is rainy and cold for my spring break,
and you’ll all be doing it soon.

day 132: 4/2/2017

city walks and city steps
Madison ave and broadway
feels like home

day 133: 4/3/2017

my throat itches

day 144: 4/4/2017

I’m so grateful for the small things:
the little friendly smile a friend gives you,
the inevitable impending end of everything we know and own
rendering everything virtually worthless,
the dimple on someone’s cheek whenever they’re joyfully laughing

day 145: 4/5/2017

Keanu Reeves is a bad actor
How does he keep getting jobs?

day 146: 4/6/2017

Can people leave Lil Yachty alone?
Would yall bully a neighborhood puppy?
He’s just doing his own thing
You don’t have to pet him

day 147: 4/7/2017

This is just a PSA
If you genuinely enjoy A1 Steak Sauce
Remove yourself from the world

day 148: 4/8/2017

controversy is cash

day 149: 4/9/2017

“disassociation” is not a thing
stop being selfish and lazy

day 150: 4/10/2017

nobody knows what they’re really doing
everyone’s pretending

day 151: 4/11/2017

Art don’t gotta be grammatically correct

day 152: 4/12/2017

Pussy so good I had to save it for later

day 153: 4/13/2017

what’s the irony of overdosing on my anti-depressants

day 154: 4/14/2017

You would think my leg would be tired
from all the times I had to kick people out of my life

day 155: 4/15/2017

Time passes more slowly when you’re a kid

day 156: 4/16/2017

Koreans honestly make the best food

day 157: 4/17/2017

how much a condom worth?
weeks n months of mental anguish

day 158: 4/18/2017

could God microwave a burrito so hot he could not eat it?
what flavor would it be?
why would He need a microwave in the first place?
He’s probably vegan

day 159: 4/19/2017

Steak & Shake is bad
their fries are just clumps of dust compacted together

day 160: 4/20/2017

Kendrick’s album wasn’t that good.
I’m not high.

day 161: 4/21/2017

turn u on
turn u out

day 162: 4/22/2017

procrastination & masturbation are twins

day 163: 4/23/2017

dogs are too pure for this world

day 164: 4/24/2017

you know it’s bad when nostalgia ain’t feel the same

day 165: 4/25/2017


day 166: 4/26/2017

Believed yo grind till you fell
Defeat your tracks in the trail
Plea, groan, cry for your health
Chief the whole eighth by myself
My weed so loud you can hear
The beat slowed down so you can hear
I cant sleep sound anywhere
I cant keep drowning in here

day 167: 4/27/2017

Too much monster in my system
I cant keep talking when you dont listen
I used to miss it when you visit
Now I can’t wait to see you missin

day 168: 4/28/2017

i’m sober
i’m sober
i’m gone

day 169: 4/29/2017

edit 2 – – – … my key is also gone

day 170: 4/30/2017

Marco was right don’t drink the jungle juice

day 171: 5/1/2017

Is it sexist to say I don’t care about Black Widow

day 172: 5/2/2017

“nothing should lay around and collect dust”

day 173: 5/3/2017

im screaming at the top of my lungs and dancing as much as I can. i wanna remember this moment forever

day 174: 5/4/2017

lightweight is good
saves money

day 175: 5/5/2017

Super realistic
but there is still a 50% chance I still won’t do it

day 176: 5/6/2017

Are dogs really mans best friends?

day 177: 5/7/2017

Whats the best way to eat a goddamn steak?

day 178: 5/8/2017

How many bodies can I fit in my trunk?
what do i do in a fight?
I want the last one to be about movies or music idk.

day 179: 5/9/2017

It’s my last month of school
and I still can’t tell whether my professor is 39
or 59

day 180: 5/10/2017

big sean is like a human embodiment of ‘almost’

day 181: 5/11/2017

shovelin crab cakes like im london tip ton

day 182: 5/12/2017

I didn’t believe in the white people made bland food stereotype
until college

day 183: 5/13/2017

i wish i could do drunk hoodrat shit with my friends

day 184: 5/14/2017

pearl or black

day 185: 5/15/2017

never talk race to white people

day 186: 5/16/2017

did y’all know rae sremmurd
is ear drummers backwards

day 187: 5/17/2017

these kids are wild wildin

day 188: 5/18/2017

you can really sense the white supremacy in this chair

day 189: 5/19/2017

is lil pump white or just a really pale black dude?

day 190: 5/20/2017

the worst days
are summer days
with nothing to do

day 191: 5/21/2017

What if Obama used a baby monitor to eavesdrop on Trump?
Not a wiretap
Nobody knows

day 192: 5/22/2017

anger is so hard to let go of
i truly hate grudges

day 193: 5/23/2017

if something is forgiven but never forgotten, then is it even really forgiven?

day 194: 5/24/2017

i’m craving some big fat juicy wings

day 195: 5/25/2017

History is waiting for YOU
So you’ll never leave your mark
If you wait for history to come to you

day 196: 5/26/2017

Makin out with your eyes open is hard

day 197: 5/27/2017

She said she wanna drink, do drugs,
and have sex tonight
But I’m too busy respecting women

day 198: 5/28/2017

beat alpha at smash
im the new champ

day 199: 5/29/2017

roads in atlanta suck

day 200: 5/30/2017

Beach House is magical

day 201: 5/31/2017

life is always a struggle between wanting read the books
and wanting to live them

day 202: 6/1/2017

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Today is a pain
But not you too

day 203: 6/2/2017

Y’all ever take a shit
And it’s the best thing ever??

day 204: 6/3/2017

i can play pool basketball
but not actual basketball

day 205: 6/4/2017

i like doing guys stuff with my dad
just not at 7am
in the rain

day 206: 6/5/2017

got enough time for you
fill every second with fine lines

day 207: 6/6/2017

fuck steph curry, cavs in 7

day 208: 6/7/2017

I wanna have fun without politicking ya feel?

day 209: 6/8/2017

Life gets a bit easier as an adult
if you think of a year as just a really long Summer
with a couple rough patches throughout

day 210: 6/9/2017

Finding happiness in life is finding a balance
between pleasure and making

day 211: 6/10/2017

Your S/O’s family parties will always be awkward
no matter how wasted you are

day 212: 6/11/2017

All the guys I’ve been with are dumb or average.
I’m not dumb or average.

day 213: 6/12/2017

I cry every time I listen to Same Drugs by Chance the Rapper

day 214: 6/13/2017

Sometimes life is about holding someone on your shoulders at a concert
so they can 
scream at the top of their lungs,
even if it means you can’t see the stage.

day 215: 6/14/2017

If it’s hard, it means you’re doing something right.
(That goes for life and for sex)

day 216: 6/15/2017

 Didn’t think soulmates were real until you came along

day 217: 6/16/2017

a: all my friends are ded
b: all my friends are bread
a: good thing I cut carbs out

day 218: 6/17/2017

everyone plays checkers while im playing chess

day 219: 6/18/2017

even taking a shower won’t be the same anymore,
it’s more fun with you

day 220: 6/19/2017

Who would pay to go see a Jason Mraz concert in 2017?

day 221: 6/20/2017

grape flavored anything is bound 2 suck

day 222: 6/21/2017

I walk light
They wanna turn my name into a hashtag

day 223: 6/22/2017

I don’t need to hit licks
I got a full scoop

day 224: 6/23/2017

angel olsen is the new joan jett

day 225: 6/24/2017

day 226: 6/25/2017

if someone tries to fight you just tickle them

day 227: 6/26/2017

I wonder if country people sit down at concerts.
Like, can you imagine being in a mosh pit to Big Green Tractor?

day 228: 6/27/2017

Visual learner but I teach when I speak

day 229: 6/28/2017

bimmer gang gang gang

day 230: 6/29/2017

You need a car and bad bitches in the video

day 231: 6/30/2017

a group of extremist mice of the city
terrorizing the sewers of atlanta are named mISIS

day 232: 7/1/2017

first whip pearl camry
please dont touch my rav

day 233: 7/2/2017

Bryson Tiller so bland

day 234: 7/3/2017

I’ve realized that the Great Gatsby is not that good
Sorry High School Me

day 235: 7/4/2017

gotta light it up n run fast
or else everyone’s firework will go off
and yours just looks lame

day 236: 7/5/2017

its the day after, enough with the fireworks

day 237: 7/6/2017

im so slow at updating dailyworks

day 238: 7/7/2017

i need a rollercoaster to heaven

day 239: 7/8/2017

More like LGBBQ
I want meat.

day 240: 7/9/2017

I’m tired of these new age tumblr kids
that dress homeless
and pretend that they are deep

day 241: 7/10/2017

Is there a pill that makes you not allergic to dogs?
Like seriously it’s 2017
All we got are fidget spinners

day 242: 7/11/2017

My moments of weakness seem to be lasting longer

day 243: 7/12/2017

my friends do homework
and i look at clothes
it’s been a great summer

day 244: 7/13/2017

If your professor doesn’t round
he’s a heathen that doesn’t deserve to live

day 245: 7/14/2017

never thought i’d say this but
Godbless Macklemore

day 246: 7/15/2017

I’m so G that I snitch on myself

day 247: 7/16/2017

movies are better when you don’t watch the trailer

day 248: 7/17/2017

all my boyfriends are in he same room

day 249: 7/18/2017

i wish steak was a fish so that when i wont starve on a deserted island

day 250: 7/19/2017

I want to start a blog but I have commitment issues

day 251: 7/20/2017

Ducks where the hell do they go or whateva

day 252: 7/21/2017

Certain songs just takes you back
and makes you feel shit you haven’t felt in a while

day 253: 7/22/2017

People can have nothing to say
but if they got a hot ass beat
i’ll listen

day 254: 7/23/2017

duckhunt is the cutest smash character

day 255: 7/24/2017

I think my heart just broke

day 256: 7/25/2017

sriracha isn’t that good
stop it white america

day 257: 7/26/2017

moderation is key

day 258: 7/27/2017

Why do lizardpeople run america?
Why not something cool?
Like Lionpeople…yeah that’d be kickass

day 239: 7/28/2017

you know how much a polar bear weighs?
enough to fucking kill me so i won’t have to do icebreakers

day 240: 7/29/2017


day 241: 7/30/2017

i wish all my friends would just quit college
and make a band

day 242: 7/31/2017

why are there so many annoying white buddhists

day 243: 8/1/2017

august always makes me sad
because it reminds me of the beginning of school

day 244: 8/2/2017

got a job bein responsible
when im the least responsible person i know

day 245: 8/3/2017

i wish i was a nigerian prince
wait does nigeria even have any more money?

day 246: 8/4/2017


day 247: 8/5/2017

i am a lost dog in college

day 248: 8/6/2017

can’t wait for late nights
babysitting adults
gud music szn pls cum soon

day 249: 8/7/2017

The amount of snowflakes at my college
would cause an avalanche

day 250: 8/8/2017

How different would the world be
if nipples were on your ass cheeks
It’d be like…
I love me some asstits guys